5 lies you must tell your husband

Women lie to men/freedigitalphotos
Women lie to men/freedigitalphotos
Women lie to men/freedigitalphotos
Women lie to men/freedigitalphotos

You promised your hubby that you will never lie. Right? But at times small things lead to arguments and fights which a little white lie could have saved. Like the times he wants to have sex and you are not the mood and you lie that you are having cramps (or that unoriginal ‘I have a headache’) At some point we all lie in our marriage, not huge lies which can harm your relationship. Just those random things you don’t want to talk about. Here are a few lies you can indulge in:

It was on sale: This is the best excuse when you max out on your credit card and have a bunch of bags to carry inside the room. But at times men really do not understand why that little jar of under eye cream cost you 2,000. Sale or half price is be a better way to calm him down and than explain why you need to use that cream.

He wasn’t that hot: Picture this right after watching Salman take off his shirt (that drool-worthy moment, uff) in Dabangg your hubby is feeling a little insecure. Just think that ways, do you really want to know how hot Deepika Padukone looked in those barely there dresses in Cocktail? I doubt it . Please go ahead and do the same.

Did you gain weight? Really?: Like women men can also get vain when it comes to weight gain (enough has been said about women  and their ‘Do I look fat?’ question). So ignore that small beer belly he is sporting and just say its noticeably less.

You look amazing: Like women,  men also get insecure and need some compliments to make them feel uber sexy. You may hate those sneakers or that baggy jeans but sometimes they just want to hear you say they look great. Even when you know he so doesn’t!

The ‘I have a headache’ excuse: This cliche of an excuse works every time you are not in mood for sex and it is a better reason than you don’t feel like it!

Do you lie to your hubby? Tell us your favourite ones here.