5 men you should never date

Men you should never date/pixabay
Men you should never date/pixabay
A still from Cocktail

Love and friendship are the most exciting parts of life and if you find a good friend in your lover, nothing like it! But at times mingling the two can spoil your friendship. In many movies including the Deepika and Saif Ali Khan’s Cocktail the situation is well explained but in real life the end might not be a happy one. AAW tells you about men you should never date to cherish and enjoy that beautiful bond of friendship.

Best friend’s brother:  Don’t get involved with you best buddy’s brother as she may not like it. Also in case of any problem between you and her brother, she might choose to be on her brother’s side which will spoil your friendship. There are also chances that she may spill the beans about your past to him.Most brothers and sisters have a love-hate relationship and dating her brother can make you stand in the middle of that crossfire!

Your friend’s ex-boyfriend: Girls (like men) have a big ego issue and don’t really tolerate their best friend dating an ex-lover. There are chances of your friendship getting ruined as she might blame you for the break up. And in case, she is still not over him all three of you can land in an embarrassing situation.


Your ex-boyfriend:  It’s ok to be friends with your ex after the break up but never revive an old relation. You both were not compatible that’s why the relationship didn’t work the first time. Thinking about the good (and bad) time spent with him don’t jump back into the relation else you will regret later.

Mr Possessive: Every girl wants to have a loving and caring boyfriend but there is a difference between caring and being possessive.  Stay away from the over-possessive and obsessed lover sorts as everyone needs some personal space and time. His questions will make you uncomfortable and his possessive attitude can be embarrassing at times.

Ex-boyfriend’s friend: Never date your ex-boyfriend’s best friend because he is the one who knows in and out about your relationship with his friend and might be in the relationship to use you.