5 ways to become a responsible citizen

Earth Day/weheartit
Earth Day/weheartit
Earth Day/weheartit

Monday, April 22 is Earth Day, this is an annual event to help raise awareness about the environment and its conservation. Earth Day is celebrated in an attempt to save mother earth from manmade evils like pollution, global warming, deforestation, etc. Earth Day was first conceptualised in 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Fransisco.

So, to celebrate this day we get you 5 points that can help you become an aware citizen and help save Mother Earth:

Do not waste: Do you know every 8th person in this world does not get adequate food? Well, wastage of food happens often like many of us always cook extra (lest someone wants more or an unexpected guest comes in). But usually this food is dumped a day later. Cook according to your eating habits and leftovers must be reused in innovative ways. Make aloo-gobhi toasts or dal paranthas. If you cannot use leftovers give them to your maid or sweeper.

Help conserve: Conserve what is possible like electricity and water. We have only a limited amount of drinkable water before earth runs dry! Conserve and save water by reusing machine water to wash at least 3 loads of clothes and mop the floor with the same water.

Recycle and reuse: In olden days many of us have worn hand me down clothes, this generation doesn’t reuse old stuff. But remember throwing things away is not a ‘good’ habit. Try and use old clothes to mop, clean, etc. Use old stationery by binding old unused paper into a rough notepad. Use both sides of the paper. Also, keep all your clothes shoes etc you want to throw in your car and give them whenever you see a needy person.

Plant: There can never be too much greenery. Hold a tree planting day annually in your society. Cannot convince them? Plant a few every year in your colony park with the help of your gardener.

Get local: Some things are best produced locally. Try and reduce your carbon footprint by buying local produce and groceries. Boost your industries by buying local made clothes. Also when you plant trees and shrubs try and look for a local variety as exotic ones and expensive and cannot cope up with our country’s climate!