Bizarre food around the world


We eat food to treat our taste buds but in this world there are many like Bear Grylls of Man vs Wild fame, and their idea of ‘tasty’ is slightly different. People eat food for energy over taste and can have anything on this planet.  Around the world people eat strange foods that one can’t even think of. Here are some of the weird foods from round the globe which people relish

  • Viagra ice cream Viagra ice cream In Japan people take Viagra in a different form. They shun those tiny blue pills and relish it in a cold ice cream sundae made from its natural stimulants.
  • Shark fin soup Shark fin soup This dish is served on special occasions. It is a a luxury item in China. Sharks' fins are sold in many forms; dried, cooked, wet and frozen. Canned ready-to-eat shark fin soup is also available in many Asian markets. There are claims that they prevent cancer.
  • Codfish Sperm Codfish Sperm Codfish sperm is eaten in various Asian countries as it gives sexual stamina. Also known as Cod milk soup or Shirako in Japan, the soup is essentially the sac of male codfish which contains the sperm! A restaurant in New York serves the dish as a specialty.
  • Lizards Lizards This poisonous reptile is a delicacy for few! The lizards are dried and hung up in bunches at rural roadside stalls in Philippines.
  • Smoked Bats Smoked Bats Bats are scary and remind people instantly about horrible Dracula tales, But for Indonesians bats are a delicacy to be relished rather than to be scared off. The bats are smoked and resemble brown skeletal mice after cooking.
  • Tuna eyeballs Tuna eyeballs The Japanese love to experiment with their food. People in Japan love their the Tuna eyeball dish. The dish is widely available at many restaurants.
  • Bull Penis Bull Penis The penis of a bull is considered as an aphrodisiac in China. During the Olympics, the Chinese athletes asked the management to specially include bull penis soup in the menu.