Costly travel mistakes you must avoid

travel bookings
Make bookings in advance/freedigitalphotos

These mistakes cost you a lot when travelling

travel bookings
Make bookings in advance/freedigitalphotos

Everyone loves to travel and often while travelling trivial amounts sum up and make the holiday expensive. It’s very important to insure that you do not make the following costly travel mistakes and utilize your budget properly.

Here’s how to get the most out of your vacation:

Travelling during peak season: Peak season means not only increased rates for air travel and hotel stay but also over-crowded places, expensive taxis and lesser chance to haggle. If you can take a holiday try not to go during the vacations when everyone is running somewhere.

Inflexible travel dates: Another common travel mistake is making your plans before seeing the air fares. A weekend ticket can set you back by a couple of thousands more! Find lowest cost fares are easy with many websites that track them for you. But buying a weekday ticket will also help save additional moolah. Also if you are ok with stopovers a flight with multiple-stops tend to be cheaper than direct ones.

Full rate at hotels: Most hotels have a percentage discount on early booking and even internet booking, if you pay in advance. Though usually this is non-cancellable, non-refundable and you can’t change the blocked dates. Plus hotel bookings can be cheaper if you book them without an agent directly!

Travelling at your vacation spot: Many of us ignore how we will travel around on reaching our destination. Yes there is car, taxi bookings made beforehand but in many countries the public transport can be cheaper and easy. Like the buses in Singapore are extremely safe, so is the tuktuk in Bangkok and the metro services are well developed in almost all countries. Always check for free airport shuttle services by your hotel. Many hotels also have their own buses that drop tourists at the nearby sightseeing, market and beach spots.

Not haggling: Remember bargain is important for in many overseas destinations prices are increased manifold when they see a foreign tourist. Plus it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Paying for group tours: Taking expensive group tours are not only a waste of your money but you get stuck with people you may not enjoy with. Group tours also have no flexibility; take one only if you are keen on going to someplace particular.