Cucumber cures diabetes, cancer: 5 yummy recipes

Cucumber recipes
Cucumber recipes

5 yummy cucumber recipes

Cucumber recipes
Cucumber recipes

Researchers at the University of California have identified the genes responsible for the intense bitter taste of wild cucumbers. That bitter flavor in wild cucurbits- the family that includes cucumber, pumpkin, melon, watermelon and squash- is due to compounds called cucurbitacins.

The fruit and leaves of wild cucurbits have been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for thousands of years, as emetics and purgatives and to treat liver disease. More recently, researchers have shown that cucurbitacins could kill or suppress growth of cancer cells.

So here are 5 simple ways to add cucumber to your diet:

Make an ice lolly: Use cucumber water and lemon juice with some sugar syrup and freeze it for a refreshing flavour.

Make salads: Cucumber goes with anything really! But rather than serving salad the boring old way add avocadoes, mint or pomegranate to the salad for a refreshing cucumber flavour.

Make infused water: Cucumber infused water tastes fresh and also helps eliminate toxins. Add a few slices of cucumber to water and let it sit overnight to infuse the flavour and taste. PS you can add mint or honey to add more flavour.

Raita: The good old raita works amazingly but to infuse taste add shredded cucumber (make sure you squeeze out the water) add some rai tempered in mustard oil and salt, black pepper.

Sandwiches: Feta and cucumber, butter and shredded cucumber, wafer thin cucumber and mint butter, everything works. PS we tried an aloo bhujia, shredded cucumber sandwich and it was yummy.