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Fun facts about beer


Why that can of beer is a lot more than a fun drink

Mahou beer
Mahou beer

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.’ And its true , on a horrible hot summer day nothing relieves and cools you like a glass of cold beer. A chilled beer is a refreshing and comforting summer drink. Right from the medieval times – women have always loved beer, though many believe that it’s not a women’s drink.Beer is not just a tipple it is a brew made of classic mixes and great flavours.

There are many other surprising facts about this popular drink, read on to know more:

    •  Hops are an essential ingredient in beer and are also powerful cancer fighters mainly because of xanthohumol which also helps in joint inflammation, insomnia, indigestion and menstrual cramps.
    • Silicon in beer is very good for bone health. Beers with high levels of barley and hops have the most silicon.
    •  You will be amazed to know that China is extremely popular to buy a beer in a plastic bag.
    •  There are about 400 individual beer brands  in Belgium.
    •  The soft gold colour of the beer is because of the toasted malts and not because of the alcohol content.
Beer selection
  • The ancient Babylonians in attempt to regulate beer quality followed the rule that any commercial beer maker who sold bad or unfit beer would be drowned in their own concoction!
  • In Cambodia, a popular beer is a Tarantula Brandy, containing rice liquor that is ‘flavored’ with dead tarantula.
  • In Netherlands one beer brand is advertised as a beer for your best friend because it is a non-alcoholic beverage designed for dogs.
  • In a survey conducted Budweiser was ranked as the worst beer brand!
  • Darker colour beer bottles help in protection from light much better than clear bottles.
  • Guinness  draught has fewer calories than a serving of skim milk.
  • It’s a US law that people cannot be shown consuming an alcoholic beverage on television.
  •  During ancient and medieval times in some cultures it was considered an honour that only beautiful or noble women could make beer.