Chaayos new summer menu: A must try

Food scenes at Chaayos

Why Chaayos new summer menu is a must try

While summers come, it always means a dip in my consumption of chai. Chai or tea is surely our national drink. We all have our major preferences from adark wali to extra milky to elaichi tea and god forbid, those cream and tea lovers! Every one has their own style of having tea. I am a masala tea lover and finding a good one is like a treasure hunt, it always seems close but i never get the right proportion. Tea lovers would understand my issue.

Anyways, coming to summers, i find whenever i drink tea i get dehydrated. When Chaayos called me try their all new summer menu i was intrigued. What shocked me was that most of these are ice teas or great slushies i can happily slurp on all day long. Along with these they have also introduced healthy