Useful makeup tips (every girl must know)

Useful makeup tips/freedigitalphotos
Useful makeup tips/freedigitalphotos

Makeup is essential for the perfect look but doing it right is art! We all know the basics required for makeup (like foundation, eye shadows, blushers etc) but the trick lies in using them to look perfect and pretty. Here are a few tips you must memorize and use every time you put on makeup:

Choose the right foundation: Picking the right foundation is a must because a wrong one can make you look white or dark. While buying a foundation check the colour on your face and not on your hand because there is always a difference in the skin tone. Apply a small amount on the face to find the right one.

Use brushes: Forget the old and obsolete ways (like by hand or by sponge) of applying foundation and use a quality brush to spread it evenly. Using fingers can leave small patches on the face so prefer using brush for both foundation and loose powder. But make sure you go slow and soft while applying with the brushes as too much pressure while applying can make foundation cake on and look harsh.

Contrast with eye shadows: While you are contrasting your clothes think the same about eye shadows. Too much matchy-matchy is out of fashion so go for subtle or glamorous smoky eyes as per your attire.

Eye makeup: Always pay extra attention to the eyes to brighten your face. Use primer on oily eye lids to avoid crease lines and never smudge the eyeshades, blend them properly to retain the actual colour.

 Contour your face: Not everyone needs to contour, women with heavy face must try it. It makes the face look thinner with enhanced cheekbones, Kim Kardashian swears by it. Pick a compact or bronzer six shade darker and apply it on your cheeks (suck your cheeks in and apply in the hollow formed) and nose.

With inputs from Mayuri (Senior makeup artist at Inglot)