Ameesha Patel miffed with Indian government

Ameesha Patel

The sexy siren Ameesha is upset with the Indian government, “Our govt is useless at making living standards higher for the common man. Their only focus is making themselves rich. We pay such high taxes while the government does nothing in return for us,” she wrote on the micro-blogging site.

She further adds that Mumbai is plagued with diseases, dirt, pollution, incomplete roads and flyovers. People have a shit quality of life. Ameesha feels that India can become the most beautiful country in the World but the government needs to work on the infrastructure and tackle illiteracy.

“India can b the most beautiful and stunning country in the world..if only more was done 2 improve its infrastructure n tackle illiteracy”.

Ameesha also praises Aamir Khan’s popular show Satyamev Jayate for exposing the evils in India and expresses disgrace against the wrong and corrupt Indian leaders.

It seems that  the garbage and dirt in Mumbai annoyed the actress. Well Ameesha it was always there, glad you just noticed!