Poonam Pandey to quit tweeting?

Poonam Pandey/twitter

Twitter queen Poonam Pandey is miffed with her fake accounts on Twitter. She has vowed to refrain from the micro-blogging site until her account gets verified. Incidentally, she says that refrain will mean not posting any sensational, raunchy images, “More then 700 FAKE Twitter profiles with my Name and Pix.. unless my account is VERIFIED wont Post any PIX”, she wrote on the micro blogging site.

With her half naked pics on Twitter Poonam become famous. She is one of the most searched celebrities. Her publicity grabbing raunchy acts have garnered her many fans.

So, Miss Pandey does this mean that your fans have to wait till your account gets verified? Well, we think it won’t be difficult as there are many others willing to strip. Are Sherlyn, Rozlyn and Sunny listening?