Sunny Leone hacks KRK’s account

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

The sexy porn star turned actress Sunny Leone’s lover boy hacked KRKs twitter account. “I asked him to click on Sunny Leone photo to hack his account and KRK did that”, tweets the hacker from KRK's account.

The hacker posted some abusive and vulgar tweets from his account. He also asked the tweeple about deleting KRK's account,"People should I delete this account of KRK? Vote here. Saalaa kamina hai,” wrote the hacker on the micro-blogging site. All this started after KRK’s nasty tweets about Sunny Leone “I have seen each and every hair of sunny leone Woh bhi close up main so now what more she can show me in ‪#Jism2 nothing na! so why to watch?”

The latter also asked KRK to apologise her, "Krk say sorry to Sunny leone and promise you will never say anything bad about her. You have 2 minutes or your account is gone," the hacker tweeted. Replying to his tweet KRK posted “ Ok ok I am very sorry to sister sunny! Now I shall never say anything wrong about her.”

Finally after KRK’s apology his account will be handed back to him,“Ok you will get your account today at 4pm. Next time don't abuse sunny leone. She is my love” tweeted the hacker.

It seems Sunny Leone has some serious lovers. Sunny, you must thank this crazy admirer for shutting up a loudmouth like KRK!