Things to avoid packing for vacation

Travel essentials
Travel essentials

Some things that can ruin your trip


Travel essentials
Travel essentials

Travelling is so much fun. The freedom, the need for being close to nature, the happiness and the exhilaration of travelling is a beautiful feeling. But girls, some mistakes can ruin your whole trip. We all want to look perfect all the time, but we always end up being uncomfortable. You can only enjoy your journey if you dodge some issues. So here are some things which you need to avoid while travelling:


Glasses > lens
Ask any specsy woman lenses are our preferred ammunition. But due to the arid environment in the flights/trains, lenses are less suitable. They make your eyes dry and uncomfortable, so always pick those glasses to avoid eye problems.

Travelling is life
Travelling is life

Too many handbags
I love my handbags and while I want to carry a few of them on my trips it is a bad idea. Carrying too many bags in your hands is a complete no-no. You don’t want to tangle yourself with the bags. Carry the things which are important. Avoid unnecessary baggage.

Skinny jeans
Since the comfort should be your priority, say no to tight fitted skinny jeans. The tight jeans will not let you enjoy the trip as they restrict movement. Also, research says that skinny A-line bottoms clot our blood. So go for comfy lose bottoms.

Keeping all the cash together
It would be wise to keep your cash money at different places. In case, of a robbery or you lose the money; you will still have some money left.

Fancy shoes
We totally love shoes. But shoes with high heels or laces only trouble you. It will be very difficult to manage them. Try to wear simple flat slippers or easy sneakers for the convenient journey.

Makeup Storage

Too much makeup
Wearing too much makeup will dull your skin. Let your skin breathe. Wear light makeup and lots of sunscreen so that your skin feels light. You will feel more fresh.

What are the usual mistakes you commit when travelling?