Is he the ‘handsome’ man deported from Saudi?

Omar Borkan Al Gala/facebook
 Omar Borkan Al Gala/facebook
Omar Borkan Al Gala/facebook

If you thought looking good was boon think again! According to reports, the handsome Omar Borkan Al Gala was deported from Saudi Arabia for his perfectly chiselled Greek demi-god looks.

Three men from UAE went to Saudi to attend a cultural festival in Riyadh when the police evicted them forcibly for being too handsome. Omar Borkan Al Gala is reportedly one of the three men to get deported. The police felt that females will fall for them!  After evicting them, the police sent the hot trio back to Abu Dhabi.

Tell us do you think this guy could have ‘corrupted’ Saudi women? We on the other hand, are clearing up our drool as our friend points out he looks to made-up and photoshopped to be true!