6 reasons to avoid taking weight loss supplements

A lady popping a weight loss pill/wehearttit
A lady popping a weight loss pill/wehearttit
 A lady popping a weight loss pill/wehearttit
A lady popping a weight loss pill/wehearttit

Aastha Sharma was 70 kilos but she wanted to look smashing in her wedding dress and decided to hit the gym 3 months before her marriage. She wanted to lose some 8 to10 odd kilos and the instructor told Aastha that 3 months was too less a time frame to lose weight but he could fast track her weight loss with some pills. These pills were expensive and the results too were disappointing! She did not lose any weight instead she got severe acne on her face, her menses became irregular and the doctor diagnosed her with poly cystic ovaries (PCOS). The weight loss supplements had messed up her hormones!

In India gymming is becoming a passion and a lifestyle habit for many and you can see the spurt in the number of gyms all over our country. There are not enough coaches and personal trainers to meet this sudden demand and the government also has no rules to become a certified personal trainer.

Most of us who want a fabulous body or to lose weight hit the gym and with these un-trained trainers so taking supplements is always a discussion. Many trainers to show results put people on pills, powders, shakes and worse off injections! Many women (and men) in their vanity to look good succumb to taking weight loss supplements. But here are a few reasons you should not pop that weight loss pill just yet:

Supplements can’t make you thin: Many coaches claim that a weight loss pill or shake is essential to kick start the weight loss. The bottle of the supplement will also claim that it will block fat absorption so that you can eat all you like and still lose! Sounds too good to be true? Well it is absolutely not possible. If weight loss pills were so effective wouldn’t the world be full of thin women and no gyms?

Fake supplements or banned ingredients: This is quite common in India as supplements come via abroad and there is no FDA ban on them. To make higher profits many dealers sell expired supplements or banned supplements too.

Beware of lies: Have you ever seen late night TV? Then you are no stranger to weird television marketing ads! Many ads claim to make you loseweight by having some pills which they claim are natural or Chinese tea. To make the deal more lucrative they even offer you a return back scheme. But no amount of tea can make you lose weight if you do not exercise.

Search weight loss supplements online: Just look for effects of weight loss supplements and results of weight loss supplements. It is a gory picture. These supplements can you infertile, give you diabetes and the worst part is that no clinical research has ever proved any long term weightloss via such supplements. Most studies, reviews and results are often paid ones, so be careful.

Patience and hard work are musts: For any good result in life you require two virtues patience to wait for the results and hard work to make it happen. The same hold true for weight loss. Understand your trainer might be using your desperation to lose weight against you to mint money. Exercise hard, consult a dietitian and patiently wait for that stubborn fat to melt away.

Permanent v/s temporary: When you pick up clothes, decor items for your house do you think, “It’s ok if I can use this for a month?” No? Then why would you think the same for your body. A weight loss supplement can never offer you long term results. Lifestyle changes which include healthier food and proper exercise are a must for making a temporary impact on your body.

Eating clean and exercising regularly is the magic pill for weight loss and no supplement can ever do this for you. Have you ever tried any weight loss supplement? Did it work? We would love to know, please leave us a comment below.