Now electric undergarments to fight sexual assault

Electric Undergarment


Electric Undergarment
Electric Undergarment

Amid the rising crime against women, three engineering students  have devised an electrified undergarment to help protect women from attack. The project SHE(Society Harnessing Equipment) is developed by Manisha Mohan, Niladri Basu Bal, and Rimpi Tripathi. It is like a slip, to be worn under clothes. It has sensors and an electric shock circuit board built into it. The circuit is attached near the bosom and is designed to deliver an electric shock when an assailant comes into contact with it.

The inside of SHE is lined with an insulating polymer to protect the wearer from the shock. It is also equipped with GPS and GSM modules.

It’s a good invention but let’s see how many would like to purchase it. Secondly will it be able to minimize crime against women or not?