Pick the right baby name

Pick the right baby name/freedigitalphotos
Pick the right baby name/freedigitalphotos
Pick the right baby name/freedigitalphotos
Pick the right baby name/freedigitalphotos

Selecting the right name for the newborn can be a daunting task. The name good, bad, outdated or weird will stick with your little one for life. The right name should suit your child’s personality, be easy to remember and pronounce, has no funny nicknames as it is very stressful. Here are a few ways to decide the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Numerology:  In the last couple of years, names based on numerology have become very popular.  People believe in numerology and choose to consult a numerologist who can help them in selecting the right name. This is believed to bring luck, success, prosperity and other positive qualities. Numerology is a super hit formula in Bollywood too; filmmakers consult numerologists before finalising the name of their films. For Example Akshay Kumar starrer Singh is Kinng had an extra ‘n’.

Zodiac sign/Astrology: Naming a baby based on sun sign or rashi is considered to bring good luck. According to Hindu religion, the kundali of a child is prepared based on birth time and later according to this relevant letters the baby name is zeroed on.

Zodiac signs
Zodiac signs

Meaningful name: Opting for a name with meaning is an old yet popular trend. Parents want a meaningful name for their child so that he is not embarrassed when others ask about what the name means. For example ‘Aarish’ which means first ray of sun. But sometimes names can get complicated, long and difficult to pronounce like Alehkhya.

Popularity:  Going for trendy and popular names is also a good bet and doesn’t need much effort. Just choose a popular and chic name. For example during DDLJ many named their baby boys as Raj.

Virat Kohli

Celebrity name:  Naming your toddler after a famous and favourite celebrity is the easiest way. Simply pick your favourite actor or cricketer name. In some situations especially fathers wants to name their son’s after the favourite sport. For Example Yuvraaj, Zaheer, Virat, Kapil. Other parents follow celebrity baby names. So, there will be many Suri’s and Rehaan’s!

Short and simple:  Modern parents go for a short, simple and easy to pronounce names. According to them a small name is easy to remember, pronounce and sounds classy. This trend is very popular in the western countries.  For Example Aman, Jas, Tina, Piya.

Mythological:  Many consider the newly born child as God’s precious gift and prefer naming the child after them. They also believe that a mythological name will help the baby earn god’s blessings. For Example Arjun, Atharav or Krish.

Combination of parents’ name: Baby is a proof and part of the relationship ( yeh bachcha hamare pyaar ki nishani ha types) so many parents go for name which has initials of both.  Akshara and Natik of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai named their son as Naksh which is a combination of both Natik- Na and Akshra- Aksh.

Exotic names:  Sounds interesting right! Just like exotic cuisine parents look for some exotic names on internet!  A unique yet meaningful name in a foreign language like Spanish, Greek, German, French and many more. Radhika Malhotra,   a working professional after lots of research named her daughter Nyle. Many go for Arabic names like Mrya too.