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Sex Games
Sex Games
Play some sex game
Play some sex games/

Often couples find sex games overrated and are too coy to try them. Take out some time and try these 5 simple games to take your sex life to the next level. The key is to have fun and not feel awkward.

Forfeit: Make a list of 20 questions about yourself. Then take turns answering about your partner when you are wrong forfeit an item of clothing or have tequila shot. The person who loses has to enact the sexual fantasy of the other partner.

Truth or Dare: Both of you write down five sexual dares that should not be gender specific. Place them in a bowl and take turns playing truth or dare. Keep a time limit like two minutes per dare. Some suggestions:  Cross dress, wear lingerie, give lap dance. For truth as sexual questions only like which place are you willing to try for sex.

Sex List: Make a list (keep it small like three to five things) you wanted to try on piece of paper. Write one wish per paper (keep different coloured ones for you and your partner). Now mix them in a bowl

Take turns drawing each other’s wishes and do give your partners wish a try.

Strip Poker or Ludo: Strip poker has been there for a long time. The loser takes of one garment and the winner gets to see it! If you do not like poker fans try Ludo, with every player you ‘kill’ the loser takes off one item of clothing. The winner gets to choose the position for sex.

Sex toys:  Buy different sex toys like a sex dice, some feathers, blindfold etc. But if you do not have access to these things innovate with whatever is in your wardrobe. Use two neckties and tie your partner’s arms and blindfold him. Use some flowers or feathers to tickle each others erogenous zones.

Hide n seek: This is very interesting and full of actions. Hide some sex toys around the house and ask your partner to find and as he finds each, use it on each other before you move to the other one.