Quirky sex laws around the world!


Sex has always been a fascinating thing to study but recently we stumbled upon some weird sex laws! Believe it or not but in some parts of the world there are strange and funny laws related to sex. You will be amazed to know about the bizarre sex laws related to female genitals, sex with animals etc. Read on to know more:

Hawaii’s free girls: It is illegal for a man to stay alone with a girl under 18. If this regulation is violated, it’s not man who is punished but the parents of that girl can be sentenced to labour camp for up to three years because they raised their daughter “freely”.

Estonia’s checkmate: Here it is forbidden to make love and play chess at the same time. (like really!)

Lebanon’s animal madness: It is permissible for a man to have sex with a female animal but if caught having sex with a male animal, the punishment is death. (ewww!)

Colombia’s parental guidance: A woman can only have sex with her husband and the first time she has sex her mom must be in the same room to witness the act.

Hong Kong’s kiss of death: A betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her unfaithful husband with bare hands.

Bahrain’s mirror act: Male doctors can examine female patient’s genitals but they cannot look at them straight. He may only see the reflection of it in a mirror.

Nevada’s condom crapes: It is illegal to have sex without condom.

Middle East’s lamb love: In most Middle East countries it is a mortal sin to have flesh of the lamb after having any sexual relations with them.

London’s motorcycle sex: Having sex on a parked motorcycle is punishable by imprisonment.

Arizona’s vibrator limits: It’s forbidden to keep more than two vibrators per household.

Do you know any more quirky crazy sex laws worldwide? Drop us a comment.