Reason for Saif-Bebo Oct16 nupitals

Reason for Saif-Bebo Oct16 nupitals. ImageSource: Google

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are all set for October 16th wedding, Sharmila too has confirmed the date. But why October 16th? Well, finally the reason for this date has emerged!

A famous astrologer told a leading daily that this date is lucky for the couple. After marriage, Saif and Bebo will be ‘Bollywood’s most powerful couple’. Astrologers have also told that both of them will have a great career after the marriage. A well-planned move, we must say. So it is not just the Bachchan’s who rely heavily on astrologers! 

  • If the Astrology is so important or powerful , Every couple on this planet wld be the best knot. I thk its Bullshit and no Astrologer can commit or predict abt the future. U guys wld be workin for CNN otherwise. Disagree completely.