Reasons you should not marry young

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor

In India marrying young happens often and the perfect age for marriage is pegged at anywhere between 22 to 27 years. Yes, late twenties are fine but imagine being stuck in matrimonial work (and diapers) when your friends are off exploring life. Think before saying yes to marriage here are a few reasons you should not marry young:

Find yourself first: In your early to mid-twenties many girls discover themselves. In fact this is the time when you grow up and discover your likes, tastes and hobbies. Getting married right at that point means stop focusing on your self.

Travel and discover yourself: After marriage domesticity is not going to let you travel too often.Go on and discover the world like you always wanted to. In fact there are special women’s only groups to travel to exotic destinations.

Depend on yourself: All our lives most Indian women are told to depend on men (father, brother, friend, husband) but being in control of your life is very important. While it is  nice to know you can depend on someone in case of a crisis but being independent also means knowing how to get rid of that rat in your room and changing the bulb.

Get your career in order: Get your career in order, do not get married right after you start working. Get used to being working and the freedom your salary allows. Also, as you rise up and get promotions you will understand what success is all about. Getting married early might make you sabotage your promising career, after all late night and office parties are not a happy-happy situation.

Be happy alone: Understand that one relationship after another do not define any woman. It is who you are, that is important. One relationship after other is toxic and maybe you need to counsel someone before getting hitched for compatibly.

Identify your interests: Like photography, want to lose weight by gymming, want to learn swimming or maybe study further the options to pursue your interests are endless. While after wedding, you can try all this but there will always be time constraints and restrictions.

Enjoy ladies nights out: Getting dead drunk, dancing on the bar tops, flirting with good looking men can be fun. After getting married this will so not happen. In fact this can create a rift.

While we do not say there is any right or wrong age to get hitched, understand that developing yourself mentally and exploring your life before settling won’t hurt you.