Recipe: Make a gourmet meal this Valentine’s

Bourbon Red Rasberry
Bourbon Red Rasberry
Duck Prosciutto
Duck Prosciutto

The Westin, Gurugram gives us exotic, easy to make V-Day special recipes

A meal made for your loved one has a lot more significance than odering outside food. Gourmet food is often difficult to make but the talented chefs at The Westin, Gurugram helped us make this exotic meal. What better way to express your love this Valentine’s Day than cooking up a culinary delight this time. Check out the easy recipes:

Duck Prosciutto

Duck prosciutto 100 grams

Pear 50 grams

Wild fruit 30 grams

Rucola 30 grams

Red wine reduction 20 grams


  • Weigh breasts individually so you can check their progress toward curing. With a sharp knife, score skin of each breast in a crisscross pattern. Put about 1 cup salt (a half-inch layer) in a nonreactive baking dish that will just hold the breasts without touching. Nestle breasts on top of salt, skin side up. Pour more salt over breasts so that they are completely covered. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate 24 hours.
  • Remove duck from salt, rinse thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels. The flesh should feel dense and its color will have deepened. Dust breasts with pepper on both sides.
  • Wrap each breast in cheesecloth and tie with string. Hang for about 7 days in a cool (50 to 60 degrees is optimal), humid place,. After curing, the flesh should be stiff but not hard throughout; the color will be a deep rich red. If they still feel raw in the center, hang for a day or two longer. Generally, dry-cured products are ready when they have lost 30 percent of their original weight
  • Remove cheesecloth, wrap duck in plastic and refrigerate until ready to use. It will keep several weeks or more.
Bourbon Red Rasberry
Bourbon Red Rasberry

Bourbon Red Raspberry Dulcey

Desserts are our main meals on days like Valentine’s. This dessert looks classy and pretty but is easy to make.


Cream 150 ml

Whole Cow Milk  50 ml

Powdered Sugar:   20 gm

Vanilla Beans      1 stick

Fresh Raspberry  70 gm

Gelatine Sheet   1 pc (Keep in cold water in a bowl)

For the Mousse

Dark Chocolate  70 gm

White Chocolate 70 gm

Whipped Cream  150 gm


Boil Milk, add gelatin sheet, crushed vanilla bean, cream, raspberry pulp and sugar. Cool down and place in a cold fridge for 3 hours in a pretty mould.

Melt the dark and white chocolate separately. Slowly  add in the whipped cream. Place in fridge till firm.

Serve together!