Review: Boots Beer and Egg Intensive Hair Treatment

Boots Beer and Egg Intensive Hair Treatment

Boots Beer and Egg Intensive Hair Treatment

For most girls with fine (silky, straight) the search for volumising products is endless. I have what many would call the perfect hair silky, straight, long and fine but all I crave for is a little volume. Couple of times I have used the remnants of last night’s beer binge to rinse my hair too. When I saw Boots Beer and Egg Intensive Hair Treatment I knew this one had to be tried!

Claims: With natural extracts of beer and egg. Boots ingredients intensive hair treatment is specially formulated to give fullness and body to your hair while leaving it volumised, more manageable and deeply moisturized. You are supposed to use this as a conditioner post-shampooing. For best results leave for about 5 minutes and rinse.

Packaging: The mask comes in a bright yellow plastic tub packaging matching the shade of the mask inside. The body is a cheery transparent yellow with a solid coloured screw top lid.

Price: I got mine for 250 INR (400ml packaging) but it really depends as this is imported to India so the prices may vary.

Pros: I would love some volume in my hair and this product has become a cult favourite. Here’s why you should pick Boots Beer and Egg Intensive Hair Treatment:

· On the package the Boots Beer and Egg Intensive Hair Treatment clams to make hair ‘weightless’ and it does live up to that claim.

· The quantity offered is great.

· I have been using this for the past one month and apply it twice a week. It makes my hair look heavy without making them look frizzy. It works perfectly, though I have never really kept it for whole 5 minutes (don’t have the patience).

· The mask is perfect in terms of texture, its soft and spreads easily.

· Has a light fragrance which doesn’t smell like eggs or beer!

· Leaves the hair untangled, soft and manageable.

· PS: It works best if you let your hair air dry.

Cons: The Boots Beer and Egg Intensive Hair Treatment is the perfect product for my hair but the packaging is a different story.

· You have to scoop out the product with your fingers (you can end up adding water to it if you open it with the shower on, I did!)

· Not travel-friendly packaging.

· Availability is a big issue, I got mine from a multi-brand makeup shop.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Have you tried any Boots Hair Treatment Range?

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