Sex tips every girl must know

Couple making love by the pool/freedigitalphotos

Best sex tips ever

Couple making love by the pool/freedigitalphotos

Indian women can often get frigid when it comes to sex. Making love is often a fumble of foreplay and the deed (with the lights off, please). Here are mind-blowing sex tips for a great sexual life:

Be comfortable in your own skin: Women can often be a tad too conscious about their body. Yes there are those love handles to consider but imperfections make you real! Get comfortable and that will reflect in your bedroom moves too.

Kink it up: Get some kinky stuff like blindfolds, massage oils or handcuffs to elevate the hotness.

Foreplay funda: Like women, men love attention too. Use your hands, lips and tongue to explore unknown areas. Experiment with your mouth- lick, bite or swirl your tongue.

Striptease: Not the B grade Bollywood style. Perform a classy striptease on some soulful Hindi song.

Talk dirty: Men love when you talk dirty. Use some hindi words and see how it ups the bedroom temperature.

Get a signature move: Make a signature sex move like kissing him on the shoulder blade or forehead after the deed is done.