Spread love this Valentines day



When we talk about valentines day, we only think about our friends, family or our spouse and not beyond that. We try to spend time with them and buy gifts for them. But this Valentines day instead of expressing your love to your loved ones, spread happiness and bring a smile on others faces specially those who are away from their families


Buy a gift for house help: If your driver or servant is away from their family, buy them a nice gift or make them talk to their family. If possible make arrangements so that he can meet his family.
Go to an orphanage or old age home: Spend some time who are away from their loved ones. Arrange a get together with some small gifts, cake and food. If possible take them out for a picnic and arrange some games too. For senior citizens you can take them all for movie.

Do something for society: Get involved in activities that can help others like teaching some underprivileged or  helping someone needy which ever way possible.

Compliment the delivery boys: The delivery boys are really working hard to hand over the parcels on time so if you see any compliment him for his hard work or give him a small chocolate to appreciate his work.


Old couple/pixabay
Old couple/pixabay

Arrange a dinner date for your grandparents: Let your grand parents relive their younger days by sending them on a dinner date. Arrange for a cab or drop them , buy a gift for them and ask them to exchange with each other. If they are not comfortable going out then make the arrangements in their room.


All these above gestures are easy to do  and will surely bring smiles on  their faces so just do.