Summer makeup: What’s In, What’s Out

Woman applying makeup
Woman applying makeup
Woman applying makeup
Woman applying makeup

The sun is out and we’re thinking about our summertime look. If you’re already planning your annual holiday and considering your wardrobe options, here are the hot beauty trends that will complete your look this summer. When it comes to makeup and beauty this season, the word is simplicity. Even though the season’s fashion trends include plenty of glamour, beauty trends are simple.

Hair is soft, flowing and natural rather than ultra-styled. Makeup is less fussy. Here are the trends that are in this season.


In: Naturally shaped brows. They are the in thing this season. Since this season simplicity is the key word, therefore brows that aren’t overly twee zed, shaped are in demand.

Out: Outrageously arched brows.


In: Lighter lashes are in this season so go easy on the mascara. One good sheer coat of black or brown mascara is all you’ll need. It’s just not about excess this season.


In: Go for UV or fluorescent colours like pink, blue for your eyes!! They are the ‘in’ colours for this summer.

Out: Tons of mascara. It’ll be back, but for now, keep it simple.


In: Cherry red lips. A sheer, cherry red lip color looks terrific on everyone.

Out: Bold pink lips, as hot pink seems too young to pull off.


In: Fresh face is in so let those freckles show. This season put away your foundation and use only the sheerest lightly tinted moisturizer to even your skin tone.

Out: Covering up. Hiding your pretty skin goes against everything.


In: . Nails make a strong statement so go for pastels and nudes.

Out: Plain old pink.

(By Makeup Expert Nidhi Khurana)