The benefits of eating bananas


Banana is a humble fruit and is power packed with essential vitamins. While many people avoid banana due to weigh issues, the benefits of a banana are way above weight gain. So here are some benefits of bananas:

Weight loss: Yes! Bananas do help in weight loss as they regulate digestion, maintain low sugar levels and stop overeating.

Cures Migraines: A recent study suggests that having bananas after an interval of a few hours may cure migraines and banish headaches.

Energy Boost: Due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals bananas are an ideal energy fruit. In fact a study suggests that switching your coffee for a banana may give you an energy rush better than caffeine.


Feel Happy: Scientists say bananas release a chemical called tryptophan which is a mood regulating substance that helps you feel happier. In fact people with chronic depression feel better after eating a banana.

Banish period pain: Having a banana daily during periods eases the pain better than pain killers. According to, bananas have vitamin B6 that helps regulate blood glucose level and your mood.

No acidity: Banana helps neutralize acidity as it is a natural antacid. Pregnant women are often suggested to eat a banana in the morning to soothe burns.

Iron rich: For people with iron deficiency, bananas give a daily dose of iron.