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The growth of women entrepreneurs in India

Growth of women entrepreneurs
Growth of women entrepreneurs

Previously, women were not allowed higher education like men and hence their talents were wasted. But now things are changing , they are encouraged for higher studies which encourages women to show their talents as well.

Growth of women entrepreneurs
Growth of women entrepreneurs

There was a time when teaching was considered the best profession for women as they could easily manage both work and home. But today the talented women are seen in all professions and business. Gone are the days when ladies had limited business ideas like a saloon , boutique or a cooking business, now they are opening their wings and are experimenting with different business and successfully running them too.

To provide support to developing women of India there are many companies which are helping the women entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and wants to do something of their own by providing them short term working capital loan.

Though fashion and apparel remains the most popular business among women but slowly many business like a music institute , book store , home decor showrooms and eCommerce to name a few are gaining popularity among women entrepreneurs. “My parents wanted me to do fashion designing but I had other plans. Being a avid reader I wanted to open a small book cafe where people can relax and enjoy reading their favourite book but my parents never supported me so to pursue my dream I took a small loan and started my book cafe. I am happy that I did what I wanted too”, reminisces Neha Aggarwal who own a cafe in Delhi.

When we asked Lendingkart ( a loan facilitator for small and medium enterprises) about the most unusual businesses they provided loan for to women we were amazed to know the growth of young India. Women are are now getting into businesses like currency and office automation system, lighting and fitting, tour travel and car and motorcycle servicing center(which is the male dominated business). All these new entrepreneurs are in their 30’s and have taken loan from somewhere between 2 to 20 lakhs.

It is great to see the women empowerment which will gradually lead to more economic benefits not to the individuals but to the society as well. We salute the women of today.