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Things women want after sex

Couple cuddling after sex
Couple cuddling after sex

After great lovemaking women often feel neglected by their partner. Guys, stop rolling over and dozing off! A few minutes of extra attention post-sex can lead to a better connect.

Here is what women really want after sex:

Hugs and cuddles: This one is common; we really want the coochie-coo time!  Hugs, cuddles are very important for any woman as sex makes many feel a bit unnerved. Hugs make them feel protected.

Reconnect: On most days, a hectic schedule does not give couple time to feel connected. Post sex lie next to each other just and feel your heart beat this forms a magical connection. As they say actions speak louder than words. Speak out your thoughts and love, to take this to the next level.

Touch: After sex, subtle touching, massaging can be fun. A light touch on your man’s arm or nuzzle his hair might re-awaken the passion and then there can always be another round of fun!

Discuss the future: No matter what the future holds, planning is very important. Post-sex always talk about combined future plans. It is the ‘us’ your woman would like to hear not the ‘I’. You can discuss your hopes and dreams.

Eat: Sex makes women hungry. It is a qualified calorie buster. So how about a small treat to your lady love? Get those chocolates or makes us some Maggie.  And show your care!