Importance of human connection in the age of social distancing

Learn how not to lose the human connection in the age of social distancing.

It is a well-known fact that humans are social creatures and it is not just a behavioral observation but this fact is also backed up by science. Research has shown that humans who are socially isolated may feel less happy and are also likely to die younger than their fellows. 

The pandemic has shut shops and forced people to maintain social distance from their loved ones. Hugs and handshakes threaten the health of individuals and are no more the usual way of expressing love and showing affection. This change in social behavior not only was abrupt but no one was expecting it to become normal and acceptable.  

Source- Verywell Mind

This goes against the very nature of humans and many of us feel isolated, having spent months under lockdown, away from our loved ones, for their own safety as well as ours. 

Staying socially distant does not mean we have to lose the human connection because more than anything else, the feeling of being together in spirit is helping many people get through this difficult time. It is important to maintain a safe distance and still stay connected with our friends and family. There are many ways to take care of our loved ones from afar as it can help them feel better and you also assure that they aren’t alone in this. Here is what you can do to stay connected. 

  • Take the initiative to call and text even if you haven’t heard from your friend or family member first. People around the world are still struggling to adjust to the new normal life and that can make it difficult for them to reach out. 
  • Pick calling over sending texts. Research shows that video calls reduce the awkwardness and improves the bond. This also helps you understand better what the other person is feeling. 
  • Arrange for dinner dates over video calls. Doing things with your loved ones that you did regularly before lockdown will help you feel better and you may realize distance doesn’t have to come between everything. 
  • Skip the small talk and ask meaningful questions, just like you would if you were to meet your friend in person. 
  • Send care packages to your loved ones and make them feel special if they have been feeling off lately. Take care of them in whichever way possible. 

Here are some ways to stay connected with your loved ones during this pandemic. It is important to stay optimistic during this time. Take care of yourself and people around you and reach out for help if you think it is necessary.