McCain kitty party canape recipe (& some tricks to fry perfectly)


Is the hot weather dampening your spirit? Delhi weather is just too much so that the very idea of stepping out in the sun is horrifying. But the charm of gossip and tambola is too tempting to resist.
Ladies, lets plan your kitty party in the comfort of your home.

But rest assured, this does not translate into spending long hours in kitchen to prepare delicacies for your guests. We have a quick fix for your kitchen woes.

Since pre-packaged frozen snacks are ready to cook and shelf stable, you can easily stock your freezer to save time planning, shopping or preparing snacks and making party time much more enjoyable!   For the party you can either fry them as standalones or create delicious recipes out of them. Do you know that you can make visually appealing and mouthwatering Potato canapés in just 5 minutes?

Doing everything from chopping to dicing to making the perfect snacks that too with the perfect texture and taste is just next to impossible. Frozen snacks fromMcCain Foods are sure redeemer. They help you reduce your pre-party stress. They would make you look every bit the cultured hostess that you intend to look. Charm your guest with this McCain’s easy recipe

Base Product : Potato Cheese Shotz

Cut 5 pineapple and cheese slices into 1/2 inch pieces, keep aside.
chop a bunch of fresh parsley
Deep fry the McCain Potato Cheese Shots for 2:30 min at 175° C

Now make a small depression and add some thousand island dressing and garnish with the cheese, pineapple, olives and parsley.

Some handy Tips from McCain Foods Kitchen:

• Use minimum spices:Strong spices such as chilies and peppers can rob your taste buds of the refined tang of the wine you are having. Keep your snacks simple with just a little salt to taste and mild pepper seasoning.
• Fry in parts: To ensure that your snacks are evenly cooked and crispy, fry them in parts. The less amount of snacks you fry in one go, the more evenly they will turn out.
• Signature dishes: Let there be no more than 2 signature dishes. Don’t confuse your guests. Let 2 unique dishes outshine.
• Prepare close to serving time: Snacks should be prepared as close to serving time as possible to ensure the desired freshness and crispiness, otherwise they might get soggy.