10 times Deepika rocked Sabyasachi outfits

Check out beautiful pictures of Deepika Padukone donning Sabyasachi:

If you have to answer the question, “who wears saree the best among Bollywood actresses?” Most of you would say it’s Deepika Padukone. She is beautiful and carries saree in an elegant and stylish way.

And she has proven time and again that she can totally nail the new bride look. Now that she is married, and pictures are still not out we can imagine how beautiful Deepika looks!

We all know Sabyasachi has designed the actresses wedding dress and it brought all our memories to the times when Deepika donned the designer’s creations. She is the perfect model for Sabyasachi and their match is amazing. Over the past few years, she has given the best saree looks. So here are 10 times when Deepika Padukone rocked a Sabyasachi ensemble:

Check out the pictures: