Bollywood Divas who went ‘red’

Bollywood actresses and their red hair:

We often see tones of brown, chocolate, gold highlights and global color but what about the bright shades like red?  Hair is one of the major symbols of a girl’s beauty. Everyone wants their hair to look the best and stand out of the crowd. Although we all want to make possible efforts for our tresses but we do not easily take any step for it. This happens because of the fear of losing our natural hair.

Almost every one of us follows B town and get inspired by their style. So, when it comes to hair our divas never take a step back in experimenting with their manes. From Katrina Kaif to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan many Bollywood actresses have taken a bold step by getting their hair dyed. These actresses looked rocking and gorgeous after turning into a ‘Red Head’. So, here are some of the pictures that will give you an idea before you take this daring decision ahead.

Here is a glimpse of their ‘Red Head’ looks: