Trendiest nail art you must try!

Pictures of nail arts that you must try once:

Within a short period of time the trend of nail art has become one of the most popular fashions among women. Earlier it was started with simple glittery types of designs but now the advancement in this unique style has raised its bars and also gave mind-blowing results. In almost every high end salon you will see nail artists sitting with wide variety of options but nor every design is good. So, from classy chrome to shimmery party nails here we have gathered the pictures of best and out of the box nail arts you must go for.

Not everyone needs extension for this; if you have natural long nails then also you can go for any kind of creativity on it. So, just be confident and chose wisely, according to the occasion and the season. For example pastel shades look the best in summers and dark goes well in winters. Apart from this also keep in mind the color of your hands because every skin tone has different shades that go on it.

Check out the pictures below: