Common reasons for hair loss in women

Here are some common reasons why women lose hair.

Hair loss is a very common problem that every woman faces. In some people, hair thinning is seen happening gradually and it totally depends on genetics but in others, it is due to an external or internal trigger.  Normally, a person sheds about 80-100 strands in a day but if it exceeds this mark, you may want to look into your hair fall problem. The reasons may or may not be in your control but hair fall problems can always be treated with alterations in diet and lifestyle. 

Source- EndocrineWeb

Here are some common reasons why women experience hair loss. 

Hormonal changes

The hair growth cycle is largely controlled by hormones in our body. An increase in the secretion of male hormones (Androgens) can result in disturbed growth and that leads to sudden hair loss. Hormonal imbalance may occur due to a number of health reasons but it directly affects hair growth.

Iron deficiency 

Women are more prone to having iron deficiency and it is an essential part of hair protein production. If you are suffering from iron deficiency, hair loss may be a symptom in this case. 

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 

The deficiency of vitamin B12 affects red blood cells and causes hair loss in women. If you are low on energy and feel tired all the time and have also been losing hair, you might want to get checked for Vitamin B12 deficiency. 

Weight loss

Reducing weight suddenly may also affect your hair health. If you have suddenly lost weight due to any health issue or in general, this may be why you’re losing hair too. 


It is very common for people to lose hair with age. It starts to shed even more after menopause in women. This is natural and hair starts to get thinner with age. 

Here are some common reasons why you might be losing your hair. If you don’t have any pre-existing health issues then you can try to curb your hair loss by adding more protein in your diet, exercising frequently and taking supplements to promote hair growth.