Perks of having curly hair

Reasons why curly hair is better:

Hair is the beauty of girls, they are very possessive about it and some are even obsessed too. Though straight hair always looks attractive and beautiful, but tangled and twisted tresses are no less. It has its own perks that you might not have thought about so here are some of them:

1. Girls who have curly hair do not need to carry a hairbrush always in their bags. They can manage their manes without even brushing as their rings naturally look so beautiful that there is hardly any need to comb them.


2. Ladies have a common tendency to go for a blow dryer whenever they have to attend a wedding, party or any special occasion. In such situations, women with curly hair don’t have to make so much of efforts. They already have a very bouncy and heavy texture.

3. Most of the stylish hairstyles can only be made with good volume tresses. Girls with twisted hair do not face any problem in trying out new trendy ways as it’s very easy to make them in their heavy hair.


4. Girls especially spend hours in curling their hair before any big event but the ones who have curly hair are naturally born with it. They do not have to die for those pretty rings.

5. Mostly women have straight hair but the ones who are blessed with curls tend to stand out in the crowd. They look different and grab the attention of everyone in a large chunk of people.


6. When we don’t shampoo on time our hair becomes oily and dirty. But, curly hair does not fall flat and boring even after not getting them washed on time. They do not need high maintenance like straight hair. Oil and hair masks has most of my curly friends sorted!

7. Split ends are also one of the most general problems that women face. Too much of split ends stops the growth and is easily visible on straight hair while it is not that much noticeable in them.


So, you should not feel sad if you have curly hair, be proud of all the tangles, bounce, knots and waves you have. It is a blessing to have such tresses as it naturally looks so bold and beautiful.