AAP celebrates win, Kejriwal’s adorable look-alike joins!

A cute kid dressed up as Arjwind Kejriwal to celebrate the win of AAP in Delhi elections.

An adorable kid who looked like Kejriwal joined the celebration of AAP’s election win and also sported the classic muffler look, otherwise carried by Arvind Kejriwal. 

AAP shared the picture of this kid on twitter and it quickly garnered attention. The kid was also seen wearing a cap with the party’s symbol and painted a black mustache on his upper lip.

Source- Hindustan Times

People couldn’t hold back how they feel about this cute way of celebrating the win and sweet comments started to pour on the picture. 

Here are some photos:

Source- Hindustan Times

Source- Hindustan Times

Some other children joined in the celebration too.

What do you think of this adorable Kejriwal look-alike?