Gujarat Govt wants to rename “Dragon Fruit” to “Kamalam” 

Gujarat Govt Applies For A Patent To Rename ‘Dragon Fruit’ To ‘Kamalam’, Check out Twitter’s reaction: 

Renaming places and things in a thing in our country. You must remember the time when several Indian cities were renames like Coimbatore, Gurugram, and Allahabad. Well, looks like people were not satisfied with just changing the names of cities and railway stations. Recently,  a politician has proposed to change the name of the foreign fruit commonly known as ‘Dragon Fruit’ to ‘Kamalam’.

Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani during a media interaction on Tuesday said that the government has applied for a patent to change the nomenclature of dragon fruit to ‘Kamalam’. He did this because to him, the word ‘dragon’ for the fruit sounded inappropriate.

He said: We have applied for the patent of the Dragon fruit to be called as Kamalam. But as of now, we the Gujarat government have decided to call the fruit Kamalam,”

Explaining why he wants to name it ‘Kamalam’, he said:

“Even though the fruit is known as dragon fruit, it doesn’t sound appropriate. The word Kamalam is a Sanskrit word and the fruit does have the shape of the lotus, so we have decided to call it Kamalam, and there’s nothing political about it. Nobody has to be alarmed by the word Kamalam,” he added.

Well, you not the only one irked, check out how people reacted online:


What are you thoughts about this move?