This Woman’s selfie confidence is going viral

Video of a woman in New York while taking a selfie in the subway winning hearts:

Clicking selfies is a popular thing nowadays however, some people find it weird and more about self-obsession. Many selfie lovers put in all their efforts to get one perfect selfie shot and recently a lady in New York became a live example of it.

Video of a woman while traveling in the subway has gone viral. In the clip, she can be seen changing different angles just to get a perfect pose for her selfie. Not only this, she is doing it so confidently and without giving a damn about what would others think or how they will judge her.

The video of this lady got shared on Twitter by user Ben Yahr and immediately floods of comments showered online. Few criticized her for being self-indulgent and narcissism while the majority of the users lauded her for her attitude and self-confidence.

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