Tips to repeat your outfit like a boss

Check out various tips to repeat your outfits like a pro:

We all fear to repeat our outfits, because who likes to do that? How are you supposed to wear something again and again without everyone noticing it? Especially when you visit college/ office or post pictures regularly. We all have lots of clothes that we love and we can’t afford to wear them only once, we need to repeat them but for that, we have to figure out different ways. Here is a guide for you to repeat your outfits like a pro. Check them out below:

  • Use different accessories

The easiest way to rule repeated outfit to pair it with a different accessory. A statement necklace, oversized earrings, or scarfs these can help give your outfit a twist.

Source: Cosmopolitian
  • Wear a jacket

Adding a touch of new in the old outfit can be achieved by wearing a jacket or shrug above. An embellished jacket, denim jacket, or fancy shrug will give the outfit a new feel.

  • Mix N match

While shopping invest in separates like skirts, tops, jacket and pants it makes it easier to mix and match and create different outfits using the same pieces. Mixing different top wear and bottom wear is easier to repeat.

  • Change your hair and makeup

Whenever you repeat an outfit go for a completely different look. If you wore it with open hair last time, this time go for topknot and natural makeup. It will totally change your look.

  • DIY to the rescue

Watch some easy DIY videos and try them. For example, you can get your pants dye, make long skirt short, and get your jeans ripped or pin some colorful brooches on your top.