Twitter’s hilarious memes on latest GoT episode

Check out the funny memes created by fans on Game of Thrones Season 8’s Episode 1:

For the first time we have waited for Monday to come, and the reason is Game of Thrones. Today the first episode of the season of GoT premiered. And we are drooling over the show, the episode was amazing just like another wild dream of yours. The premiere has memorable moments with Dany’s icy Winterfell reception and Samwell Tarly breaking the news of Jon Snow’s real heritage and connection to Daenerys. And at last, Jon Snow riding the Rhaegal and Cersei’s shaky alliance with Euron.

The most amazing thing that happened in the episode was Jon Snow learning the truth that he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, thus making him the heir the Iron Throne.

And just within minutes, memes makers found out the funny scenes and created memes on it. The memes of dragon reacting to Jon, Sansa looking at Daenerys and Bran’s creepiness and much more have surfaced the internet.

Check out the best memes below:

Have you watched the episode?

If you haven’t here is the information where you can: Game of Thrones airs in India on Star World. It also streams on Hotstar.