Zomato’s post made people compare 2020 with these things

Here are the food items people are comparing 2020 with:

People are not too happy with how 2020 looks so far and Zomato shared a vivid comparison that encouraged people to share their own thoughts on the matter.  ‘life is poha, 2020 is nimbu seeds,’ Zomato wrote on twitter and people understood the reference and liked the comparison. 

People shared many other comparisons with food in response to Zomato’s original post, and an interesting thread emerged on twitter. “Life is biryani, 2020 is ilaychi” one person wrote on Twitter, and we could not agree more. 

Here are some other creative reactions from the internet. 


“Life is pizza, 2020 is pineapple”, “Life is maa ke haath ka khana, 2020 is tinde,” other Twitter users wrote.

What would you compare 2020 with?