Committed? Get an Engagement Ring Piercing!

Latest Trend of Showcasing Forever Love:

Although we have seen many weird and unique trends that are hard to believe but this one is a painful way for your commitment to your love! For many years a ritual of wearing a traditional ring is going on but now, people are replacing this custom by getting rings pierced in their fingers.

This piercing is like a micro dermal piercing which is done on a flat surface where an anchor is placed beneath the skin and the stud is later attached on top. It gives an effect of a normal ring without band.

Check out these pictures of this painful trend:

Getting a diamond pierced is not that easy so you must choose the right size of diamond. You should think twice before getting this done to avoid injuries and infections.

As it is quite risky and hand is a very important part of our body so people have mixed reactions for this new way of showcasing forever love. If this piercing does not get healed on time it leads to infection and some people have even faced its negative consequences. So, take proper precautions after getting this done.

According to British Association of Dermatologists:

  • If the piercing is not deep enough there is a risk of it moving, known as migration. If it is too deep the skin begins to grow over the piercing, known as embedding. Other risks include inflammation, scarring and infection – particularly if it is on the hands, as is the case with these particular piercings.
  • Another problem with having a dermal piercing on your hand is the increased likelihood of it catching on something.

So, if you really want to go for this then be ready to face the pain, trouble and many other complications in the name of love.