Get ‘best friend’ tattoos this friendship day

My favorite quote from Walter Winchell describes friendship for me, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”. Simple yet it helps us understand the real meaning of friendship. Friends share everything from food to real ‘growing up’ talks. Best friends are permanent, so is ink. If you and your best friend have this special bond, then there is nothing cuter than getting matching tattoos this year. It will show the world that you are best friends forever.

Getting matching tattoos is now a trend. Many famous celebrates have also shown the world their best friend as well as their tattoos. Brit singers Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles shared their love for the cartoon Pingu as kids. This lead to one of them getting the word inked and the other getting the character. Kendall Jenner and her best friend Hailey Baldwin also joined this list with their recent matching tattoo.

The list of tattoo ideas is endless. It can be some joke the two of you share or some quote that describes you guys the best. Or a linking tattoo much like those broken heart necklace which two friends wear!

You can really get creative with this tattoo. To make the selection process easy for you guys, we at AAW decided to make a list of 7 cute tattoo designs that might appeal to you and your friend.

This tattoo is funny and cute at the same time. It’ll show the meaning of friendship in an adorable way.

These lines are actually lyrics of Alanis Morissette’s song called Everything. These lines simply describe the bond between two best friends.

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This tattoo is cute because it shows that real friends will stay with you no matter what.

This is the Celtic knot which symbolizes loyalty and friendship. It is the perfect matching ink idea.

This tattoo doesn’t need any kind of description as it says it all.

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“Come what may” inked with a small anchor shows the relationship you and your best friend has, which is beautiful.

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This heart and life line tattoo is apt for you and your best friend if you cannot live with him/her. They are your life line.

Share these tattoo ideas with your best friend. You can get even more creative and put your imagination to choose a tattoo that describes you and your best friend the best.