Gross live-in relationship secrets revealed!

Check out some unknown truths about a live-in relationship:

For Indians a live-in relationship is a book concept but luckily now we are moving towards the idea of getting to know your partners closely by living together. Moving in together has its own pros and cons and it comes with some surprises also.

Those of you who haven’t got the chance to live with your love of life before marriage ever wonder what realities of live-in relationship are? Check out some gross things that happen in a live-in relationship but people often do not know or don’t agree with them:

  • Lying that you are married

Like I said before, in India people have just started accepting the live-in relationship thing, somewhere it comes difficult for couples to get the house. In order to find a good place to live in, they have to lie about being married. For example, if your landlord is an old couple, they would be more interested in looking at your wedding pictures than discussing the rent.

  • Sex is infrequent

Yes, guys, it is true. Usually, people think that a live-in relationship means sex daily, but no it doesn’t. Living together might decrease the urge to have sex more frequently. Actually we mean that the fire might not be same as it was in the starting of the relationship. Or there are cases when one person wants to have sex frequent but the other wants to have it over the weekend only.

  • No boundaries

When you live together and spend time with each other, you build a next level understanding and do everything together. At that point, there are boundaries fade away. You become so comfortable with each other that periods can be discussed and farts are no more a thing to hide.

  • Washing clothes

Since you live on your own, you need to do all the household work. Yes, a maid is a help, but sometimes when she is not available you even have to wash undergarments of your partner. Isn’t it crazy? But, after all, live-in means living together.

  • Frequent fight

Staying together often leads to small and frequent fights. Though couples get back to normal quickly but the fights happen frequently. Maybe because of misunderstandings, stress, a difference of opinions, or over expectations.

  • More restrictions

Moving with your partner means restricting yourself to just him/her. Every relationship requires full personal space and where space is not given, problems occur. Being in a live-in you tend to give less time to your personal life and love life becomes the priority.

Some other things that we realize after getting into a live-in relationship are:

  • You figure out that cooking for two people is quite different than cooking for one.
  • You partner becomes you all time buddy, work/study/workout etc.
  • You learn to comprise
  • It teaches you to match each other’s preferences and schedule
  • You get to know everything about each other in a new way.

Having you done anything like this?