Learn cinema etiquette

Cinema etiquette is a must

cinema etiquette
cinema etiquette

We all love watching movies and multiplexes have changed the concept of cinema halls. We spend money to enjoy a complete and wonderful cinema viewing experience but sometimes because of few people it gets ruined. Ever sat in front of a couple who makes out? “It’s gross! I once went to watch a movie a week after it’s release and the hall was relatively empty. In the back row a couple was kissing, smooching and making weird noises, in fact we heard a zipper open too. None of us could enjoy the movie,” says Sania Saxena who went for a movie with her friends. Your predicament worsens if you are here to watch a film with your family. We all also need to learn some cinema etiquette. Read on to know how to behave in a movie hall:

Talk less: Often this happens during a serious scene that people start guessing what will happen next. Not only is it annoying it breaks the rhythm of the film. We understand that you are curious to discuss the film but try to save the chat post-film as your conversation can annoy others. In case of an emergency call simply move out of the hall and talk. Also avoid talking loudly inside the hall. Being in a huge group or watching an adult comedy can make you joke like crazy but understand their are other people who have also come to enjoy the film, respect them.

Keep your phone on silent: Mobiles have become the worst enemies of movies. Suppose there is complete silence in the hall and a serious scene is going on, suddenly your phone rings loudly, everyone will give you weird and angry looks.  To avoid such a situation keep your phone on silent mode and let others enjoy the movie. Also many people start making videos on with their phones especially of the item numbers, it can be annoying to people sitting on seats in the above aisle as the light can irritate them.

Mallika and Vijay kiss
PDA should be limited

No PDA: Kissing, holding hands and making out in the dark movie hall has always been a fun element for many couples. But don’t take advantage of the dark and dim lights, keep public display of affection for after the film and do not make others uncomfortable. Understand this is a public place and many people are here including families and anti-social elements. Do not try and invite trouble. Holding hands is alright, a peck on the cheek is as far as you should go while watching a movie.

Sit on the right seats: Don’t try to act smart and grab back seats by reaching early. Sit on the allocated seats and never sit on others seat without their consent. Not only does it disturb you but it irritates other people too. In fact we have once seen a family call over Police because some rowdy boys refused to go back to their seats. If you want back seats pay for them or book your place in advance.

Avoid disturbing others

Don’t disturb: Keep feet off other chairs; remember your fellow cinema goers have to sit on them.  Try to be seated before the film starts and avoid moving here and there for food and toilets. It is irritating for a whole row of people to move when someone arrives late into the movie hall.

Eat properly: Pop corn, nachos and cold drinks are a cult favourite of every cinema goer. Eat properly and don’t spill pop corns, ketchup or cold drinks on the co-audience. Secondly enjoy your treats quietly and do not crunch that popcorn loudly. Burping and popcorn fights are a strict no-no.