Problems every long-distance couple relates to

Common issues every couple staying in long-distance has:

Due to various reasons many couples have to stay in a long-distance relationship. Though in starting it does not seem that tough but with time things really go worse if not balanced properly. There is a major difference when you are staying together and when you are apart. So, here are some of the common problems that almost every partner staying in long-distance can relate to:

  • Not picking up the phone at once is something you go mad about.
  • Feel insecure whenever your partner goes out for a party with his friends.

  • Keep on checking comments on each other’s social media posts.
  • Fights go beyond limits that you had never expected.

  • You are always jealous from his best friend as she spends more time with him than you.
  • Break up is the word that almost comes up in every fight without even thinking about its consequences.

  • Not able to give time to each other as much it’s needed and if one gives but not the other then, this is something which pisses off the mind.
  • At times, you feel so alone that there is no one to talk and even if you want to share something with your partner, she is not available.

  • You get freaked out if he does not reply immediately or takes a lot of time after every message.
  • Call each other but keep on thinking about what to talk because there’s nothing left to say.