Reasons school friends are best friends!

Why your school friends are your best buddies

Teenage is the best part of our lives, no tension, no worries, no stress, only happy schooling with friends. At every stage of life, we make new friends, but school friends are the best. You are with them, when you were growing up, they were always there for you and will always be. They have seen you at your best and worse. Cheers to our entire group of school friends, who have been there for us. As school friends are precious, we present to you why they are special and make the best friends.

  • They know you IN-OUT

We all know, they know us better than we know ourselves. You have spent a lot of time together from school, tuitions to hang out; this helped you understand each other better. They will see your face and tell about your mood. They know what you like and what you don’t, You might not be in contact too much, but they will always hold a special place.

  • You can trust them

As they have been your secret box from a long time, you can trust them with everything. They are the ones who keep your secrets alive; they hide your complaints from your parents and protect you when you required. Remember going to them and explaining details of every moment, and taking a promise of not disclosing it to others. They have been doing this for long. You can go to them anytime.

  • They are best because you have spent a large part of your life with them.

You have spent at least 10 years of your life with them. This is what makes them special. In all those years you have witnessed lots of embarrassing moments, you have done a lot of fun together, every day in school you have built up your friendship. You have survived teenage problem together. Those years have given all of us lifetime memories.

  • You have extreme comfort level with them

You feel very comfortable when you are with them, you can be as weird as you want. The level of craziness with them is different, be crazy as much as you want. They know the real you, and you can behave like that in front of them because they don’t judge you!

  • Your families know each other

As you have spent a lot of time, your families know about your friendship. Both of your families meet often, they make the best family friends. Their families are so close to you that they feel like your own. Their family members are in your face book list. Their cousins are your cousins.

  • They are your support systems

They know what hurts you the most; they are always there to help you in your tough times. They have always helped you in dealing with heartbreak. They know your future plans, though you might be not in the same college they are always available.


No doubt school friends make lifelong friends. You would never like to change the part of your school life. Every time you have a reunion it is the best one! Friends make our lives better.Yaaron Dosti Badi hi haseen hai!!