Is your kid becoming brand-obsessed 

Are you raising a brand conscious kid:  

Not just adults, but kids are also becoming brand conscious these days. The craze for brands is just crossing its limits among kids, from their childhood they are taught about brands and how to differentiate between them. But in the long term, it won’t turn out to be a positive development. Once a kid gets used to premium branded products it is difficult for them to accept non-branded or generic stuff. This makes them materialistic. 

No one is stopping you from buying the best brand for your kid but there is no need to tell them about the brand tag and name. As they grow into teenagers, the peer pressure to get branded gifts increases, and as a result self-esteem takes a back seat. 

Raising a brand conscious kid can lead to: 

  • Child losing flexibility
  • The kid becomes materialistic
  • The child loses his confidence if they don’t get branded products 
  • They become demanding 
  • There is always a sense of dissatisfaction 
  • They start looking for branded stuff, not for themselves but to seek acceptance from others 

Ways to not make your child become brand obsessed: 

  • Choose your words wisely. Instead of saying we are going to a party put on your iwatch, say put on your watch. 
  • Avoid mentioning brands names in front of the kids
  • Don’t discuss brands with them 
  • Instead of giving them gifts try to spend time with them 
  • Don’t fulfill all their demands for branded stuff 
  • If you buy them something branded tell them its precious 
  • Tell them it is not necessary to buy branded items always