Why monitoring video games is a must

Keeping an eye on your child’s video games is a must

When we become parents, many responsibilities come from taking care of a baby to watching them grow into sensible adults, it’s a beautiful transition. However, the effects of social media in this era of digital world is difficult to ignore. Children these days are becoming very mobile-friendly, they know how to use youtube and watch a video also how to download games and play. It is the parents who should watch what they are doing over the phone.

Children these days become mobile friendly at a very young age from watching videos on YouTube to downloading games and playing them, it’s a different world out there. It becomes more difficult as they get their own mobile device but constant monitoring is important.

These days teenagers are very fond of social media, they want to do every possible thing from challenges like the ice bucket challenge to continuous uploads on SnapChat. Video games have always been in trend, we played video games like Tetris and Mario but today the level has increased and the game are often violent.

Blue whale game
Blue whale game

Many studies say constant playing is making kids impatient and it makes them compete in an unhealthy manner to win these games. The levels of aggression increases in kids, the violent content in the games introduce kids to fights, arguments when their minds are impressionable.

There are many bad effects on health, sitting and playing in one place for a long time, only using your hands is not healthy. Not only physical health, their mental health is also affected by it, they indulge themselves in the games and try to stay away from social life, which results in isolation. They link themselves with the game if they lose in the game they get disheartened.

Why do parents need to look after it?

If you notice a change in your kid’s behavior or moods because of a video game then it can be an issue and needs intervention. If he is addicted to video games you must take some healthy measures to keep him away. Be strict with them. Recently in Mumbai a 14- year- old boy committed suicide by jumping off from a terrace to win a game notoriously called the “Blue Whale Challenge”. It is an online game which encourages people to kill themselves; they have to do tasks for 50 days and on the 50th day to win the game they have to commit suicide. The tasks include self-harming, alienating social contact. This game has already taken 150 lives in the US; this was the first case in India.

The parents have to be alert, they should know about the moves of their children. They should know the importance of keeping track on their children’s computer screen. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Excessive of everything is bad.  Please pay attention to your kid’s activities. Talk to your children’s about this.